WHY Mission Wide solutions?

A Strategic Alliance to Meet Customer Needs through Demonstrated Capabilities and Expertise.


Through DigiFlight’s current SimCtr performance, the MWS Team has provided a Future Warfare Center (FWC) Battle Lab collaborative simulation environment; BLCSE support; THAAD wargames and exercises lab; JLVC 19 IE2 support; Aegis BMDS console; JLVC support; DREN/SDREN for the FWC Simulation Center; completed the Army Gold Master upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709 across all networks; and supported CALNet, Hypersonics computer development, and FLIR and C-RAM development.

Recruiting and Retaining Personnel

Our management processes, organizational structure, and tools ensure effective recruiting, retaining, and replacing Key Personnel. We have established proven processes, methods, and resources available to recruit the right Key Personnel to meet USASMDC SimCtr requirements.

Benefits of a Tribal 8(a) Direct Award

It Saves time
On average, an 8(a) Direct Award is awarded in less than 30 Days. Competitive acquisitions can take up to 18 months

Large Contract Ceiling
American Indian Tribal (AIT)s can receive sole-source contracts in excess of $4.5M. DoD Direct Awards to an AIT 8(a) can be up to $100M total contract value and do not require a J&A

Direct Open Negotiations
Ability to negotiate the scope of work and price of the contract with the Contracting Office

Generally, Sole Source Awards cannot be protested except for size